The Chosen, Chapter 3G

Jerdain commanded Wolf to be shackled, and while the guards from the Philos Safety Committee weren’t inclined to take orders from the imperious New Frisarian lord, they remembered the fight she had put up when they’d arrested her the other day. A chain of iron soon adorned her wrists and ankles.

As the bands locked into place, Jerdain smiled at Wolf contemptuously. “I’m afraid my offer from yesterday is no longer valid, now that Judge Oliver has taken a direct interest in your case. Your trial will take place after you lead us to Yungen.”

Wolf held up her hands, the chain of iron sagging in front of her. “You honestly believe Yungen would see me, if I’m a prisoner?”

Archilochus then came up behind Jerdain. “Your chains will be removed before we return to Philos, at which point you will operate under my supervision. I will assume the identify of a merchant from the continent, looking for access to the black market in the colonies, and will take credit for arranging your escape from prison.”

Jerdain laughed, turning towards the taller man. “At least that part of your story will be true.”

Archilochus stared down and grimaced at Jerdain, then looked back at Wolf. “After you lead me to Yungen, my associates and I will arrange for his arrest, and you will then be handed back to the Safety Committee. Judge Oliver promises your cooperation will be taken into account during your sentencing.”

Jerdain pointed at Ukhala. “If you ask me, you should take this Islander with you. He, and your mysterious friend, proved to be very efficient last night.”

Ukhala shook his head. “I have a… history, with Yungen. My presence would compromise the mission. And, I suspect I have an appointment with the Safety Committee.” The guards nodded in unison.

“That still leaves your friend — who, for some reason,” Jerdain looked around quickly, “is nowhere in sight.”

“We have no idea where he is.” Crim sounded bitter, almost disappointed. 

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