The Chosen, Chapter 3F

Ukhala stepped over the log on which he’d been sitting, then bent down. Following with her eyes, Wolf saw he was leaning over the boy she had encountered the previous day. Ukhala’s hand clasped over the boy’s mouth, stifling his yell as he woke. With his other hand, Ukhala pointed back, over Wolf’s shoulder. She looked in that direction, and saw a boulder large enough for her to hide behind.

She pointed at her hip, and pulled with her hand as if drawing an invisible dagger. Ukhala frowned and shook his head, as he and the boy rose to their feet, then positioned themselves behind a dense collection of trees. Wolf looked around, but seeing no evidence of weapons, moved behind the boulder.

A moment later, the three people she least wanted to see appeared in the clearing — the guardsman who had fought her, the priestly woman he was trying to protect, and Jerdain, the New Frisarian noble who had visited her in jail. But what she liked even less was having no evidence of the other five members of their party. They could be anywhere.

And she nearly cried out when Ukhala and the boy stepped out from their concealment. The Islander pointed at Jerdain, and spoke to the guardsman — “You’ve made an ally?”

The guardsman arched his eyebrows, but it was Jerdain who spoke. “Ally might be too strong a term. Business partner, perhaps — and our business, is with that foolish captive of yours.”

Five officers stepped into the clearing as Jerdain finished, and Wolf turned to run — only to encounter two more officers, pistols aimed at her.

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