Forward, Part 2

[Continuing my response to the Daily Post prompt Under the Snow. This vacation time has underscored the importance of getting my blog updated in the morning.]

“How should I know?” Double-J’s gruff response made it clear to Annie that the burly teen did not expect to be named team captain. “If Jacobs has any sense, he won’t have a captain this year. He was just stroking Myles ego last year, making sure he stayed on the team.” The pace of his scrunch-scrunch on the frozen dirt road surface quickened; she was relieved to see her question had the desired effect.

“I think Rex should be captain.” She knew her statement was disingenuous; Rex and Double-J were both seniors, but the burly wild-haired teen limping next to her was the only student who had been with the Bark Bay High School fencing club since its inception four years ago.

Double-J’s laugh was as cold and dark as the winter night that surrounded them. “He doesn’t want it. Jacobs asked him already.”

She stopped, let him limp forward a few more steps. “Coach Dan talked to you about who should be captain?”

A gruff murmur rumbled from Double-j as he limped up the fire road. Annie sprinted forward, as motivated now as her friend and rival.


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