[NaBloPoMo may be over, but the prompt responses will keep coming until I decide on a new experiment. Today’s prompt from The Daily Post, Someone Else’s Island, is about deciding which five objects to send to a friend who’s stranded on a desert island.]

A supply of fresh water. Sharp knife. First-aid kit. Magnifying glass. A net.

Rex scratched his chin. “Interesting. That’s a very utilitarian list.” He glanced up at the ceiling, then back down at The Bird. “I assume the magnifying glass . . . ”

Sensing he was allowing and waiting for her to finish his sentence, The Bird nodded and said yes, to start fires.

“Right.” He looked down at her (literally, being over a foot taller), confusion on his face. “Nothing to read? No music?”

The Bird shook her head, and asked whether she had heard the scenario correctly, that he would be alone on a deserted island.


You’ll go mad, The Bird replied. You could have the whole Library of Congress with you, the entire iTunes catalog, everything on the Internet, and you’d still go mad. In fact, she continued with complete assurance, all that exposure to the product of other people’s minds, to their imaginations, without the ability to share your own mind with anyone else, would bring on your madness even sooner. You’d be better off living without those constant reminders of your isolation.

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