The Elixir Magazine

After a lengthy hiatus, I’m ready to resume my series of reviews of literary journals and genre magazines.

The Elixir Magazine is an online literary journal that posts new fiction, poetry, and essays on a regular basis.

What They Say About Themselves: “In the same way that the “Elixir of Life” is meant to increase your time on this planet “The Elixir Magazine” adds years to yours, not in number but in knowledge.

The Elixir Magazine is a new online magazine that launched on January 1st, 2019. We are based in Sana’a, Yemen, but have managed to create an international team of 10 members via twitter. We started in the form of a WordPress blog, but will soon create our own official website.

The Elixir team works to produce and collect material that we hope will live up to the international standards. Our target audience is young adults. Our aim is to become an international magazine available both on paper and the internet.”

Issue Reviewed: Stories available online in the last week

Genre: Literary realism with some speculative elements

One Story I’ll Remember Not to Forget: “I Don’t Expect You to Believe Me,” by Cheryl Caesar. A young environmental activist is visited in her hotel room by two other young women who become notorious for bearing ominous news. Entertaining satire of modern technology with some neat classical references.

Exploding Helicopters: One Explosion. The stories are very short, leaving little opportunity to build suspense.

Profanometer: Gee Willikers. Didn’t find a single profanity or obscenity in any of the stories I read.


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