Ten Stories

For some reason I forgot to post my story to the Friday Fictioneer’s contest page. Here’s ten people who weren’t so absent-minded:

  1. Tannille takes us to the Twilight Zone in The Vanishing Tale
  2. In The Signpost, Keith Hillman takes his characters beyond the playground
  3. A tense situation becomes deadly in Trent McDonald’s The Park
  4. Speedway Randy’s Peculiar features some wonderful metaphors
  5. Love is found and then lost in Mid-court by Maria-Christina Doulami
  6. I had no idea what those things were in the background of the photo, but Na’ama Yehuda came up with a creative interpretation in The Memo
  7. The Ministry of Shrawley Walks has some fun with the prompt in Dial-a-Troll
  8. Frightened by Nova evokes the ominous air of the photo
  9. There are no people in the photo, and in Shots Fired Girl in Niagara explains why
  10. This contest doesn’t often inspire historical fiction, but Magarisa pulls it off in If Need Be


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