A Thought on the Way to the Cineplex

As I prepare to see the latest Star Wars film with my family, I’m wondering how much longer this phenomenon from my childhood can sustain its popularity. After one more film in a couple years, to complete the third trilogy — more spinoff movies? A fourth trilogy? Or will the appeal of this space opera (please don’t call it science fiction) finally expire?

Writing on Cinematic Slant, Chris Thilk doesn’t see an end to the series of sequels and reboots coming out of Hollywood, and laments the lack of attention to fresher stories. So long as the upteenth episodes of these old standbys continue to generate profits, I don’t see the major studios changing their strategy. At some point the well will run dry, but until tat happens it’s best to enjoy what we have.

Which I am fully intent on doing.


2 thoughts on “A Thought on the Way to the Cineplex

  1. Thank you for this interesting post. My husband and I have been talking about the same thing. Our daughter gifted us with cinema tickets for five visits. We did not want to waste any opportunity to see ‘the best’. We both have been drawn to watch the newly released ‘star Wars’ movie not because of any great passion for star wars but because of the comfortable( imagination stirring) and the characters in the series. How will they be able to keep on going? What new story lines?

    • The “Star Wars” films have evolved into a shared cultural experience that spans multiple generations. And anything that can provide such momentary unity can’t be all that bad.

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