Joynell Schultz has designed the cover for her new novel Love, Lies & Clones, and on her blog today she provides a wonderful description of the cover design evolution. She provides images of the six different designs she’d considered, along with a comment on what she did and didn’t like about each.

These DIY testimonials further inspire me to publish my own work. The effort will be difficult with no promise of reward, but this is a journey I have to take. Writing is the only job I’ve ever wanted to do, and I won’t feel I’ve completed this job until I publish a novel, or twelve.


2 thoughts on “DIY

  1. I certainly encourage you to sow (even financially a little to get a book Out there.) I am a pensioner…I do not have money. Bury thoughts of financial benefits. There is indeed nothing more satisfying than working on your cover. Simply check out what I envisioned and how it was carried out. The story may never be a best seller but certainly the cover (touched my life and has touched others) and the story now sparkles with a NEW lIFE.

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