2016 Writing Goals

In a recent post on her 2016 blogging goals, Damyanti Biswas recommended her peers join one of her online writer’s groups. Her suggestion has inspired me to consider my own writing goals for the coming year.

My primary ambition has nothing to do with blog stats, word counts, or other personal accomplishments. I’m defining success in 2016 by my ability to make connections, both online and interpersonal, with other writers. For too long I’ve been trying to do this all on my own, imagining I was some genius lone wolf who just needed some time in a quiet room in order to find the success I seek. And a computer. Financial independence, as well. Someone to clean the house, cook my meals . . .

Oh, sorry! Where was I — oh yeah, my fantasy writing life, where all I need is myself. One of the valuable lessons I’ve learned since I’ve started blogging is that writers support, and learn from each other. Successful bloggers don’t just write, they read, and comment on other blogs. There is a social aspect to blogging, and writing in general, that I have been almost entirely missing.

That changes in the coming year. Already joined that group Damyanti recommended, will also beat the bushes in my area to find a face-to-face writer’s group. I’ll join, and contribute, to as many groups as my energy can sustain. And I’ll be posting comments and fowarding links on a much more regular basis.

And, of course, posting here daily. Have another chapter or three for my novel to draft, and will take the NaNoWriMo challenge again in November for another round of revisions.

All of a sudden, I realize there’s a lot on my plate this year. Going to be difficult at times, but writing is the only work I’ve ever wanted to do. Looking forward to pushing myself, and hope you’ll enjoy this ride.

3 thoughts on “2016 Writing Goals

  1. I’m pleased that I somehow have connected via this link. I’m interested in your journey. Inspired by what you wish to be as a writer. Know my own journey changed dramatically….I passionately wanted to be a journalist. When the chance was give to me I simply could not accept. Fiction was inside my bones like a impetus of creativity. You probably would not find my novel Beyond the Ashes suiting your more masculine approach to writing but it was both a vision, a dream and a goal. Chapter by Chapter it unfolded. When it was finished I was really sad. (It was like the characters in my imagination had finished their journey and I was left behind). I will enjoy read of your journey. Happy 2016!

    • Don’t be so quick to make assumptions about my literary tastes; Virginia Woolf’s “To The Lighhouse” is one of my favorite novels. Do you have an excerpt from your novel available on your blog? I’d like to read it.

      Your comment about my “more masculine approach to writing” intrigues me. I’ll post a longer response later today on my blog, and hope that will be start of an interesting discussion with my readers.

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