The Defeatist

Just downloaded a free Kindle book from Sophie Bowns, “The Defeatist.” The novel begins with a brief prelude that I didn’t find compelling, but the first chapter is complex and taught, and has me hooked. I’ll follow with a more detailed review once I’m finished.


Taking up advice from Ana Spoke, Author, I’ve decided to join Kboards, “a community forum for Kindle Users and Authors.” While I’m not necessarily planning on publishing to Kindle, epublishing in general is definitely an option I’m considering as I become more ambitious in promoting my writing. Creating my Kboards account today was a small step, but perhaps the first in a very long journey.  

Ten Questions for a Fictional Character

Justina Luther posts new works of short fiction to her blog on a regular basis, and supplements most of those works with an interesting technique. Justina invites her readers to ask questions of the story’s lead character in the comments to her stories, and then chooses ten of those questions for an “interview” she conducts the following week. Her story from last week, Reasons, is a suspenseful study of a man struggling with his past, and her follow-up interview this week provides additional insight into his character.

I’m interested in employing a similar technique with Gray Metal Faces, the novel I’m drafting on this blog (Chapter Seven will be starting soon). I’d love to give Annie, Double-J, Coach Dan, and my other characters the opportunity to interact directly with my readers. Especially Double-J, my angy young sabre fencer who never seems satisfied with the way I describe him; he’d relish the chance to push me aside and speak directly with a reader. (He just snorted at me as he wiped his black moustache with the back of hand; “You do realize you suck at post-modern narrative, right?”)