Chapter 7 – March

Character Perspective: Double-J

Double-J and The Bird meet at the Pizza Place, at her request. She expresses concerns about the fencing team — student participation has been decreasing, and Coach Dan has missed several practices in the past month. Double-J, who had left the team the prior month, replies that he doubts the team will be around much longer, as a fringe sport such as fencing has no place in a small town like Bark Bay.

Their conversation is interrupted by a series of flashbacks and flashforwards — The Bird at the last fencing practice, Double-J encountering Rune along a road, a conversation between Double-J and his mother.

Their meal finished, the two teens leave the restaurant, and are immediately confronted by two young men who claim Double-J owes them money. He rebuffs them defiantly, The Bird watching the argument with concern.

Another flashforward interrupts the narrative — Jimmy, Rex, and Lefty meet with Double-J at the teen’s apartment, and attempt unsuccessfully to bring him back to the fencing team.

Double-J tells the two men to come to his apartment on Friday to get their money. Driving his car a few minutes later, Double-J tells The Bird his plan to have his friend pay the men on Friday, and laughs with satisfaction.

Another flashforward — Double-J rushes into a hospital and visits Rex, who’s been badly injured at a fencing tournament while using equipment borrowed from Double-J.

Having reached her house, The Bird urges Double-J to reconsider his decision to leave the fencing team. When he refuses, she then makes a different invitation, for him to come inside the empty house.

Flashforward — Double-J suddenly appears at the team’s practice after Rex’s injury.

Double-J drives away from The Bird’s house, feeling satisfied but convinced that his destiny lay far beyond the limits of the fencing team or Bark Bay.