What: Title, Subject, Structure, Summary

“Gray Metal Faces” is a novel about a high school fencing club in a fictional small town in the northern area of the United States.


Each chapter portrays the events in a month of the fencing season, from pre-season organization and planning in September through the state tournament in April, and is told from the perspective of a central character. One or more additional chapters, as well as scenes within the main chapters, may be set several years after the events of the novel.

Chapter Summaries

This blog’s entries represent the first draft of the novel, and like all drafts will be revised considerably before they are considered complete. The summaries linked to below represent how the chapters will look after the next planned update.

Summary of Chapter 1 — September

Summary of Chapter 2 — October

Summary of Chapter 3 — November

Summary of Chapter 4 — December

Summary of Chapter 5 — January

Summary of Chapter 6 — February

Summary of Chapter 7 — March


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    • The inspiration is an actual pub about an hour away that serves those heavenly fried corned beef wraps. Can’t make it there today, but will try to make the trip sometime tomorrow.

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