Junior Hugh Barnes became fascinated three years ago with runic letters, and began printing in that form, thus earning his nickname. He joined the fencing team the previous winter, and won his first bout in the team’s final tournament before the state tournament that spring. Rune is 5’ 7”, 135 lbs., and has long brown hair that is perpetually uncombed, greasy, and interfering with his vision. He suffers from acne, more than any other teammate, which makes him physically and socially uncomfortable. When relaxed, Rune is typically talkative and jovial; when he feels threatened, he can be caustic and defensive.

Fencing is the first sport I’ve ever had success at. I love sports, and have tried just about every one you can think of, but was never good at any of them, and I’ve never gotten along with any of my coaches. Fencing’s the first sport that hasn’t left my frustrated, and where I’ve had a coach who really seems interested in helping me.


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