The only senior on the team, John Johnson always goes by Double-J, a nickname he gave himself. At 5’ 2”, he is shorter than any other team member save Butch. He has long, stringy black hair, perpetually uncombed, and a handlebar moustache. A member of the team since the first practice his freshman year, Double-J began fencing saber in the middle of his sophomore year, and by that year’s end would only fence that weapon. Fiercely competitive and loyal to his teammates, he can turn on anyone, including his close friends, if he feels they are not being honest with him. He distrust authority, especially those who offer to assist him; he respects Coach Dan, but is openly distrustful of him. His fencing style is very aggressive, believing that the best defense is a good offense.

I fence because it’s the only honest sport. You either hit or get hit. There’s no style points, no judgment calls so long as your ref’s not a complete butt-head, no teammates to worry about. And it’s not corrupted by money or fame, like the other sports, none of this ‘school pride’ crap.  When you’re on the strip, it’s just you and your opponent – it’s pure competition, with no bullshit.


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