Coach Dan

Dan Jacobs is 36, 5’ 9”, 170 lbs. (trending up), with short curly black hair and beard, both beginning to gray. He’s in his seventh year of teaching at Bark Bay High School, and began the fencing program four years ago after being challenged by his old college coach, Josef Hadik. Coach Dan’s once promising fencing career had ended in college when he injured both knees, and failed to rehabilitate properly; when he started the Bark Bay team, he had not competed in over ten years.

When I took up Josef’s challenge, the only thing I knew for certain was that this team wasn’t going to be about me. It’s all about my students, helping however I can to help them realize their potential in this sport, and in life. What makes fencing great is that it engages your entire body. It’s physically challenging – you need to be fit, strong, quick – but it’s just as demanding mentally. A fencing bout is like a game of chess, where you’re not only planning your attack but figuring how your opponent is planning to attack you, and countering their moves. My hope is that what my students learn as fencers, they’ll be able to take with them in whatever they do in life.


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