Bass Ackwards

bass ackwards \ ‘bas-ak-wərdz \ adjective, often vulgar

evidently disordered and illogical

\\ deploying a system before testing was complete was a bass ackwards strategy


adjective | mar-a-tho-not-o-nus | \ ˈmer-ə-ˌthän-nä-tə-nəs\

: an experience that is both exceptionally long and boring <a marathonotonous lecture>

History and Etymology

Marathon, Greece, site of a victory of Greeks over Persians in 490 b.c., the news of which was carried to Athens by a long-distance runner + monotonous, Greek from mon- + tonos, tone


adjective | adork-able | \ə-ˈdȯrk-ə-bəl\

1: charming and nerdy <an adorkable movie>

2: a quality that can only be appreciated by a nerd <your t-shirt is simply adorkable>

– adorkably \-blē\ adverb