Hearing the bug flying past her temple, she waited at it, her hand slapping her temple. But in its attempt to flee the bug flew into her eye, where it now swam lifelessly between the surface of her eye and the eyelid. She closed her eye and knuckled it furiously, knowing the bug could only be flushed though irritation. It was an invasion, an infection that had to be flushed from her system.


The end of each project made him feel dissatisfied, like watching the credits at the end of a long-awaited episode of a television program that didn’t live up to its hype.


His career was like a half-filled bucket, suspended on a hinge at a 45-degree angle, water pouring down its side from a faucet above. Outward forces such as financial needs were like the pouring water, not strong enough to tip and empty the bucket, while on the inside his ambition, like the water in the half-filled bucket, was neither fulfilled nor empty. The slightest increase in force from either within or without would be enough to disrupt his equilibrium — but in the absence of either impetus, his career continued to hang half-filled.

Whip Hair

Her long hair matted across her face as she came up for air. A quick quarter turn of her head right collected her saturated hair, then a full fast twist sent her hair in a wet whip to the left.

Junk Food Emotions

His anger and anxiety were the junk food that fed his insecurity. He had little problem not indulging this appetitie, but once he tasted those feelings, he could not help but gourge himself.


“You know what’s the problem with kiwi? The skin — it’s rough, ugly, a pain in the ass to peel, and if you leave some on and accidentally eat some, it tastes pretty nasty. The fruit, now that’s pretty fantastic, and it’s worth the effort. But you’re not one to put in that effort, are you? You’ll eat kiwi if it’s already peeled, but not if it’s you that has to deal with the skin. And that’s how you look on life in general, isn’t it? If something inconveniences you in the least, you act as if you’ve been condemned to peel kiwi skin. Why not approach the task with some type of anticipation — enjoy the act of peeling the skin, knowing that you’ll get to enjoy the fruit within. That’s the problem with seeing life in your absolute terms. If you don’t get immediate pleasure from what you’re doing, you lose interest. All I’m saying is try something different. You say you’re not happy, life hasn’t worked out for you — take a different approach, and see what happens.”


“I feel giddy, like a schoolboy feeling the vicarious thrill of his favorite sports team crushing their arch rival.”

Cold Sounds

The temperature was far below freezing. The air was crisp, still, as if the cold had frozen the wind itself. The smallest noise — a car passing on the road over the hill, a bird’s call, a branch breaking from the weight of the snow — streamed unimpeded through the night, journeying alone through the frigid air until it landed on his reddened ears. It seemed to him that the sounds this evening were more eager to reach him, were anxious to escape the cold — a silly thought, he knew, but he felt such extreme thinking was fitting on this frigid night.