Bad Assumption

His plan was coherent and comprehensive, and if executed properly promised to meet the team’s objectives. Yet everyone knew the plan had no chance of being executed properly, as it assumed a willingness, an active participation on everyone’s part, that simply didn’t exist. The plan was therefore like using a three-legged race as a team-building activity.  

Seasonal epithets

High-sunned summer, the time of the long days. She lay awake, unable to set her mind at rest, anxiety enveloping her like a humid August night.

He was quiet, speaking with a soft autumnal breeze of a voice

Storm-pocked winter, blistering the earth

Greenish spring, youthfully fragile, not quite cured from winter’s contagion


He was not a patient person, in fact he prided himself in not having patience, as if it were a physical entity, a product one could purchase in a store (“Can I please have some of that Extra-Strength Patience? Do you have it in gel-caps?”) but he chose not to unless he absolutely needed it, like a foul-smelling insecticide.


“And they need to get that to me today,” he said with a tone of frustrated indignation, the voice of a man ordering a pizza from a restaurant that would always mess up his order.


His legs had long lost the supple spring of youth, and now after a few hours in the gym or the yard his knees would ache like the creak of a worn wooden floor, the backs of his legs also ringing in pain, feeling as if they had been stretched tortuously on a rack.


He hung up the phone with a smile, satisfied with himself for completing the deal, but with a sight that came from the tinge of regret he often felt whenever he made a major commitment. Every deal was a test of his ability, and he did not like finding out that he was not as talented as he believed.