2wenty-thr3 is an event occurring on this blog on the 23rd day of each month. Inspired in part by the apocryphal legend of Shakespeare hiding his name in the King James Version of Psalms 46, 2wenty-thr3* is a celebration of random orderliness, and follows these rules:

  1. Select a text, any text, using whatever inspiration appeals to you at the moment
  2. Use the number 23 to select two words from that text
  3. Write a blog post about those two words

* Why does this event use 23, and not 46 as the legend would suggest? Aside from there being no more than 31 days in any month, using 23 acknowledges that the legend is half-true, at best, and serves only a portion of this event’s inspiration.



3 thoughts on “2wenty-thr3

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