Scholarly Debate

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields

Aldainian researchers debated the purpose of Christmas Trucks for months.

Scholars hadn’t even agreed on the tradition of installing and decorating a dead tree, a custom more prevalent in the planet’s northern hemisphere. The trees somehow functioned to increase both religious observance and non-essential spending.

Unlike those curious trees, the plants delivered by Christmas Trucks were alive. They were generally unadorned, and served no observable ritual or commercial purpose.

Penance for the tree’s death? Inspiration for purchasing activity? Agreement proved impossible.

The debate raged until Aldanian scholarship turned attention to the role of chicken eggs in northern hemisphere spring rituals.

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6 thoughts on “Scholarly Debate

    • I’ve heard some speculation that our age, with all its digital records, could become a “dark age” in the future if those digital records are lost and there’s no paper versions of those records. Scary stuff.

    • Well I’m a week late, but I’m finally getting around to replying to comments! Not sure which post you’re referencing, but I appreciate the acknowledgement.

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