PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

“What are you feeling?” she asked, raising her voice over the fall of cascading waters.

He blinked. The hike had been his idea, as the helicopter tour wasn’t appealing. His feet now tingled with exhaustion, but he knew he’d made the right choice.

The waterfalls were arrayed along two levels, a dozen or so at the top of the cliff feeding a thin pool that flowed into three at the second level. Water flowed constantly, landing forcefully and creating a mist he felt on his face several hundred safe meters away.

“I feel small, insignificant,” he replied. “And content.”

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly flash fiction challenge.

9 thoughts on “Mist

  1. This is lovely. You’ve captured his feelings perfectly, and it’s a feeling I can relate to. It seems counter-intuitive, but sometimes we have to remind ourselves of our smallness in the grand scheme of things. We’re complicated creatures, aren’t we?

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