The Woven Tale Press Magazine

There’s a lot of literary journals and genre magazines, and just about every week I read one and write a review.

Founded in 2013, The Woven Tale Press Magazine publishes 10 electronic issues a year.

What They Say About Themselves: “The cornerstone of The Woven Tale Press is our magazine—a rare breed, at once a literary journal and an art publication. We take pride in the careful balance of the writing and the visual arts in each issue; distinctly different but equally resonate fine art forms that are perhaps best appreciated when one is complementing the other.

With our site interviews, reviews, guest posts, and more, we are also a premier online platform and conduit that links distinctive writers and artists with both those seeking a cultural domain and with literary and art venues actively searching for new talents to showcase or represent. We are committed to serving those in the literary and visual arts by offering our publication, and opportunities to become practiced in today’s changing dynamics of artistic success — increasingly measured by an aggregate online presence and audience.”

Issue Reviewed: Volume IX, #3

Genre: Literary realism

One Story I’ll Remember Not to Forget: “Fire on Ice,” by Kevin Loughrin. A young boy and his father from the city go on an ice-fishing expedition, but the first thing they encounter in the lake is not a fish. The curiosity of the story’s anonymous boy is engaging.

Exploding HelicoptersTwo Explosions. Not much action, but plenty of suspense.

Profanometer: Dannmit. Occasional coarse language just to keep things real.


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