Day 394

Received my second dose of the Moderna vaccine this afternoon. Two weeks from now, after my body has built all of its viral antibodies, I’ll be able to resume some of the activities I’ve had to put off during this difficult fall and winter.

I now have a 4″ x 3″ (10 cm x 7.5 cm) sheet of cardstock that shows where and when I received my shots:

There’s been discussion of using these cards as “vaccination passports,” and restricting access to indoor events and even air travel to those who possess them.

I’m all for inconveniencing those who refuse to get vaccinated, but I’m somehow certain the religious zealots, political whack-jobs, and science deniers will find a way (such as paying for counterfeit vaccination records) around any vaccination passport restrictions. Requiring people to show their record will only affect those who don’t have access to the vaccine — which isn’t the point.


It’s been three hours since the jab, and not a hint of side effects. Not even a sore arm. I’ll wait until tomorrow morning before declaring victory in that battle.

I’ll be amazed if I don’t need a booster shot in the fall. By that time the vaccine might even be part of that season’s flu shot. Inoculations are going to be frequent in the coming years, especially for people my age. If they’re as uneventful as the two shots I received for COVID, it’ll be like dental checkups — not something you look forward to, but the health benefit far outweighs the temporary inconvenience.

3 thoughts on “Day 394

  1. Good to know you’ve had your shot and a good experience. We’re here in Canada lagging behind everyone else. I do see an immunization passport becoming a reality. How that will be effectively managed is anyone’s guess.

  2. Great to hear you are happy. To all the folk in Island nations and all the ones who live their lives enjoying non polluted air and have not yet received even one box of vaccines, I ask them to be patient.. In the fullness of time maybe all with have their jab. For now may we continue to be grateful for what clever people are doing to keep us safe until the next problem, The lesson for all is KINDNESS to one another, and sharing what we do have. Cheers!

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