Day 353

Next week, our state’s COVID vaccination program will be extended to everyone 60 years or older. People with certain diseases and workers in certain professions will also receive the vaccine.

I still won’t qualify.

Thinking about the vaccination rollout makes me frustrated and angry, so before I write something likely to cause regret later I’ll let the three asterisks mark the end of this topic.


The Pilates machine my wife and I ordered arrived in early December, and I’ve been on it a couple times most weeks. We have a subscription to an online Pilates site that offers training videos. I’ve found a couple that move at a pace that’s comfortable for me, and I follow along with them half the time and go at my own pace at other times. If I also get on the recumbent bike twice, that’s four workouts a week.

Any exercise is better than no exercise, but the work I do at home doesn’t compare to what I did before COVID numbers got really bad in November. I need to get to the community gym and use their treadmills and weight machines. I need to return to a Pilates studio and work with a live instructor. I need to return to get back to my fencing club and get that adrenaline rush I haven’t been able to find elsewhere.

None of that’s going to happen until I’m vaccinated. Since it will likely require two shots spaced out over a month, and current guidance is to wait two additional weeks after the second shot before being more sociable, I don’t expect to get back into my pre-COVID exercise routine until May. Yeah I’m going there again. Time for three more asterisks.


I really want to end on a positive note, so here’s to one of the few benefits of this past year.

Online writing workshops have blossomed because of the pandemic, and I’m hoping this trend to virtual sessions continue once we return to “normal.” I’ve attended more and appreciated my time within them more.

I’m writing more than I ever have, and yes, the enforced extra time at home has been a contributing factor. I’d rather be living in a world free from the contagion and its restrictions, but life is about making do with what you have. And for all the mistakes I’ve made these past 12 months, I think I’ve done OK.

One thought on “Day 353

  1. The silver lining is that your country is well well ahead of ours in getting the public vaccinated. The incompetence here among our useless politicians is mind boggling, but I’ll end this here with three ***

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