The latest in my year-long weekly reviews of literary journals and genre magazines. Booth is a literary journal founded in 2009 by the MFA program of Butler University. In addition to two print issues each year, the journal posts new literary content on their web site each week. What they say about themselves: Booth publishes four titles of original literature on the first Friday of every month. In addition, we publish two print issues yearly, usually in summer and winter. Booth debuted in 2009. Our staff is comprised of students, faculty, and alumni from the Butler University MFA program. Butler MFA students and alumni execute approximately 98% of Booth. Copy editing, web design, print issues, t-shirts and merch, and so on. We have incredible talent in our program and put it to work at Booth. We typically see around 500-600 submissions per month, or close to 20 per day. Of these we accept around 50 titles per year, or approximately 1%. At least 95% of the material we publish comes from blind submissions. We do not refer to submissions as ‘slush.’ We target a submission turnaround time of sixty days, though we do not always deliver on this. All acceptances appear on our website. We curate from these works to create print issues and do not promise print issue publication.”

Issue reviewed: I read all stories posted to their Fiction Archive in 2020.

Genre: Magical realism

One Story I’ll Remember Not to Forget: “The Bone Obelisk, Reviewed,” by Adam Byko. A mysterious object suddenly appears in the Dakotas and becomes a popular attraction when it is rumored to have healing powers. The story is told in a series of online travel reviews; a gimmicky format, but it works. 

Clapperboard RatingThree Klacks. The stories were consistently imaginative.

Profanometer: Dammit. Several stories featured no harsh language at all, and those that did kept it to a few choice words.

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