After Happy Hour

Every week this year, I’m writing a review of a literary journal or genre magazine.

Founded in 2013, After Happy Hour publishes two online issues each year.

What they say about themselves: “The Hour After Happy Hour was founded in October 2013 by a group of creative writers who met in the basement of the Big Idea Bookstore every other week to encourage each other’s craft. We would read each other’s work and then head to a nearby bar to commiserate and chat about writing, TV, and other nonsense. Soon the group grew in ranks from three to five, to often over twenty attendees. As our group grew, the idea occurred to us that we’d like to publish some pieces from our workshop alongside local and national writers. Out of our humble writing community, the After Happy Hour Review was born.

Issue reviewed: Issue 12 (Spring 2020) Genre: Mostly literary realism, with magical elements. One Story I’ll Remember Not to Forget: My Darling, My Parasite,” by Katherine Sinback. A writing workshop attendee develops an immediate dislike for another attendee. I generally don’t enjoy stories about writers, but this one had insight and heart. Clapperboard RatingTwo Klacks. The shorter stories were more engaging than the multi-page stories.

Profanometer: Sonovabitch. The language was a little over the top at times.

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