Fiction on the Web

My weekly reviews of literary journals and genre magazine leads me to a distinctively eclectic e-zone.

Every Monday and Friday, Charlie Fish publishes a new story to the Internet site he calls Fiction on the Web.

What they say about themselves: “FICTION on the WEB is a labour of love. Every single story on here is hand-picked and carefully edited by me. I don’t have a staff, and I don’t make any money. I do this because I want to give authors a chance to get their work out there, and I love sharing great stories with the world. FICTION on the WEB has been online since 1996, which makes it the oldest short stories website on the Internet. Hundreds of stories have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of readers. This new incarnation of the site aims to take advantage of the latest trends in connectivity while keeping things nice and simple.“

Issue reviewed: None. All stories are available only on the website. For this review, I read back a few weeks to get a feel for the site.

Genre: Hard to assign a category to this site. Some stories were straightforward literary realism, others had a distinctly speculative or horror element. I think Charlie chooses the story that appeals to him at the moment.

One Story I’ll Remember Not to Forget: “Who To Call In Case Of Emergency,” by Marina Rubin, published on September 14. When a coworker faints and is taken away by ambulance, Tulip leads a campaign to update everyone’s contact information. This leads her to develop a close friendship with Senna, who is very unlike the straight-laced and “vanilla” Tulip. A satire of office life that is both outrageous and realistic.

Clapperboard RatingThree Klacks. Engaging characters and storylines throughout the stories.

Profanometer: Dammit. Most of the language was pretty clean.

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