Fireside Magazine

Another week, another in my series of reviewws of literary journals and genre magazines.

Fireside Magazine is published online every month by Fireside Fiction, which also publishes the print journal Fireside Quarterly.

What they say about themselves: “Fireside Fiction Company started in 2012 as a Kickstarter-funded short-story magazine. We began with the goals of finding and publishing great stories regardless of genre, and paying our writers well. Since Nov. 8, 2016, we have a third goal: resisting the global rise of fascism and far-right populism, starting with the current occupant of the White House.”

Issue reviewed: Issue 82 (August 2020)

Genre: Speculative literary fiction

One Story I’ll Remember Not to Forget: “Redemption,” by Mary Soon Lee. An anonymous prisoner serving an eight-century sentence receives a surprising gift at the end of another routine day. A reminder that solitude is the ultimate punishment.

Clapperboard Rating: Two Klacks. The stories have fantasy or futuristic settings, but the language aspires more to literature than genre fiction.

Profanometer: Dammit. Maybe I’ve become numb to profanity, but it seems like the journals I’ve been reading lately have been fairly, if not entirely, clean.


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