Arts & Letters

Another in my series of reviews of literary journals. More information about these reviews can be found here.

Arts & Letters has been published twice a year since 1999 by the MFA Program in Creative Writing at Georgia College.

What they say about themselves: “Our editors seek work that doesn’t try too hard to grab our attention, but rather guides it toward the human voice and its perpetual struggle into language. We’re open to both formal and experimental fiction, nonfiction, and poetry; we’re also open to work that defies classification. Above all, we look for work in which we can feel writers surprising themselves.”

Issue reviewed: Spring 2019 (Issue 38)

Genre: Literary realism.

One Story I’ll Remember to not Forget: “When We Were Liars” by Brian Crawford. The story’s narrator remembers his cousin, whose behavior as a teen caused the narrator and his brother a great deal of grief. But as he ages and his relationship with his brother sours, the narrator sees how his cousin’s past troubles inspire him to help others. 

Clapperboard Rating: One KLAK. The stories definitely value insight more than action. 

Profanometer: Shitfuck. While not gratuitous, the language is certainly rough.

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