Ten Terrific Takes

Here’s some other stories based on last week’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt (my own is here), selected at random but listed her presented in alphabetical order of author name:

  1. Appearances are truly deceptive in Anita Sabat‘s world
  1. Cathryn likes psychological thrillers, and her take on the prompt shows this interest
  1. Dale explores the social tensions lying under the surface of the image
  1. The protagonist in Iain Kelly‘s tale reads the headlines and makes a decision
  1. An eclectic eatery is the scene for the story by James McEwan
  1. The photo inspired msjadeli to write about a real place that is meaningful to her
  1. Neil MacDonald ends his sci-fi take with a comic twist
  1. Russell Gayer‘s narrator has an unusual approach to vacationing
  1. The end of a long journey is the start of Russell Mercer‘s tale
  1. trishsplace offers a word of hope on the Australian brush fires

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