Sockless So Far

Eight days into 2020, and I’m finally making my first post of the year.

I have the good fortune to be able to spend a long holiday break each year in a warm, pleasant land. For some reason, it hasn’t occurred to me until yesterday how much I enjoy not wearing socks for an extended period of time. Not that I have any objection to covering my feet in soft fabric before putting on shoes; I actually think socks are pretty cool. But how wonderful it feels to walk around barefoot for several weeks, knowing that when I do need to step out, all I need to do is slip on a pair of Crocs…Yet there’s more to life than lounging around barefoot. I’ve been doing a good deal of reading while on vacation, and my plan is to report on what I’ve discovered in this blog. I also need to resume flash fictioning (or is that flashing fiction?) as well as share what I discover on other blogs. I may not want to put on socks for another week (like I said, I’m pretty fortunate), but it’s way past time to re-engage my creativity.

This is the first of what I hope will be at least 150 blog posts this year; it’s good to have goals. And by the time I get there, I should feel the soft warm breeze over my bare feet once more.

One thought on “Sockless So Far

  1. GREAT POST! My husband would be with you 100% He loves even the hottest summers so he goes shoesless (crocs for outside) shirtless everywhere else. He was born in the U.K. and chose to live in this harsh, hot, dramatic country and he is more Auzzie in dress than even the natives. Hope you do achieve your 150 blogs. I look forward to your journey. Cheers!

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