2019 Statistics

Writing-related numbers from the past year:

  • Novels Developed — 2 (second draft completed for one, first draft completed for another)
  • Fiction Stories Finished and Submitted — 5
  • Published Stories — 2
  • Rejections — 19
  • Non-Fiction Articles Published — 2
  • Gross Income Earned from Writing-Related Jobs — $12,798.72
  • Blog Posts — 106, for an average of a little under 9 per month and slightly over 2 per week
  • Journal Entries — 355 days, 97.2% success rate

And with those numbers close out the year, wishing all my followers a prosperous 2020.

One thought on “2019 Statistics

  1. All the best to you for your 2020 goals. if success is measured by money then I hope you succeed. If writing success is measured by the LOVE of the Craft irrespective of the outcome then there can be great JOY. I’m convinced as I age that writing was given to me as a GIFT. I have been to writer’s seminars and attended the University course for Creative Writers etc etc, . BUT…….the greatest joy for me now is to simply give it away. This is most evident as I know from our local Library that things I have written are borrowed and read with folk lining up. Financially not a cent but my prayer continues that what I have written will bring LIFE AND LOVE to lives.
    May you know success in whatever genre and style that enriches your life and the life of your family and friends. Cheers!

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