I’m declaring victory for NaNoWriMo 2019.

This afternoon I crossed the 50K word barrier, and reached the conclusion to the novel I began drafting at the start of the month. It’s in very rough shape, but it’s complete. I now have something to work with, not just a vague idea that existed only in my ambition. It might be a 157-page mess, but it’s exactly what I was hoping to create this month.

The chart to the right shows my progress (black line) against the daily average required to reach 50K words in 30 days (blue line). I started very strong, then life got in the way around November 9. Another week and a half of steady progress was followed by another three-day lull, and then a final push over the past week to cross the finish line.

I pushed myself to finish a few days early to take advantage of the long Thanksgiving holiday break here in the United States, and enjoy an extended period of relaxation. No writing these next four days… this is going to feel really good after making NaNoWriMo a success this year.


2 thoughts on “Victory

  1. ‘WELL DONE!’ You certainly should be congratulated for commitment and persistence. May you reap rich rewards of the positive kind. It makes me aware that each one of us has to be who we ALONE are and not anyone else or pattern ourselves as a writer on anyone else. Only our life and our eternity needs to be patterned on SOMEONE ELSE!
    Write successfully and well into 2020.

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