There’s More to Life than Entertainment

I post occasional movie reviews on this blog, though I write about far fewer movies than I actually see. That’s probably because most of the films I’ve seen lately have been pretty much the same. Disney shareholders love me these days.

The movies I’ve been so passionate about have been criticized, fairly harshly, by two prominent filmmakers. And while calling them “despicable” seems a bit much, there’s a part of me that agrees with the sentiment they are “not cinema.” Movies can be a powerful medium for revealing truths about our world, and while there’s nothing wrong with having a good time at the show (a concession I’d like to see from the genre’s critics), I definitely feel like I’m missing out on some quality filmmaking. So while there’s no way I’m missing the next Marvel or Star Wars flick, it’s definitely time to see what else the silver screen has to offer.

So here’s the challenge I’m setting for myself. For every superhero/sci-fi/action film I to to see in the coming year, I’ll also patronize a film that relies more on feeling than explosions. I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy this challenge.

One thought on “There’s More to Life than Entertainment

  1. I agree and have even decided this Christmas to purchase some DVD’s so we can have films we would like to see at home. Choice in our Cinema is often not much about Great Films. I agree although Star Wars would not be my favourite it is certainly up there at the top. It is great theatre.

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