Two Voices

[Another exercise from my short story workshop: write a conversation between Voice A and Voice B]

A: How much gas do we have?

B: Enough to get us to the next service area.

A: Well, I have to pee.

B: It’s only seventeen more miles.

A: Why don’t you want to stop here?

B: The next service area’s better.

A: Jesus Christ, it’s a service area. Gas station, vending machines, a convenience store and food court that will be closed at this time of night. But the restrooms will be open.

B: The one here has a Roy Rogers and an Edy’s, but the one in seventeen miles has a Tim Horton’s, and the sign we just passed said it was open 24 hours.

A: You could have said you were hungry.

B: I don’t know if I’m hungry. I won’t know until I see what they have.

A: You’re going to Tim Horton’s to browse the menu?

B: I just want to keep going.

A: And I really need to pee. Let’s compromise — we pull over here, but you park at the curb while I run inside.

B: I though you went to the bathroom last time we stopped.

A: That was two hours ago! Can we just —

B: Aw screw it. [flips the turn signal to enter the service area] Not hungry anyway.

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