Half Way There

Earlier this year, I announced a goal for my short fiction — start the submission process for seven stories I felt had potential. Now that the year’s half over, it’s time for an update.

Since I’m ambitious to a fault, I’ve added an eighth story to the goal, and as of the first Friday in July, I’ve submitted four to journals. Four done in six months, four more in the next six. This could actually happen.

But I’m already starting to feel fatigued. After submitting the story last a week ago Friday, I dove right in to the next story, largely because I wanted to submit it to a short story workshop I’m currently taking. That turned out to be a mistake; I needed some down time between stories, as well as a day a week when I don’t fire up the engines of creativity.

I’ll push through for a few more weeks, until the workshop is over, and get that fifth story out for submission. Then it’s off to a cabin next to a wooded lake for a long weekend of not doing much at all, and when September comes, pick up the pace again.

2 thoughts on “Half Way There

  1. Sounds a good plan to me. Personal experience has taught that the joy of being ‘creative’ is not in driven effort but in the gentle flow of inspiration. (I am too old now for the passion fuelled intent of getting stories off for a comp or something.) Too much like journalism with its driven must do….must do now….stress. Enjoy your break. Hope you return energised. Cheers!

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