Unseen Movie Reviews #1: Caddyshack

I’ll start this final review with some films that nearly made this list:

  • 12 Years a Slave — There’s no way I’m not going to see this eventually
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 — one of very few superhero movies I’ve skipped. The first film in this Andrew Garfield reboot was very disappointing, and the reviews convinced me the sequel was equally forgettable. 
  • The Fifth Element — an acclaimed sci-fi action film, but I’ve seen plenty like it

And now, for our winner…

Why I Can’t Believe I Haven’t Seen This Movie: At the time it came out, this 1980 comedy classic starred just about every one of my favorite comedians. If they had somehow snuck in Steve Martin or Robin Williams, I definitely wouldn’t have skipped it, but the cast they had should have been enough.

The One Time I Came Close To Finally Seeing The Movie: I was at home one weekend while my wife was on a business trip, and my toddler sons had just gone down for their naps. I flipped through the channels, and saw this movie had started thirty minutes earlier. I leaned back in my recliner… and my younger son woke me an hour later.

Why I Probably Won’t Ever See It Now: While it satirizes the country club world, the friends of mine who are serious golfers adore this movie, which tells me it is a very loving satire. And the country club is not a world that interests me much.

The One Image I’ll Never Forget, Even Though I Haven’t Seen It: Enjoying the best round of golf of his life, an elderly man plays on through a driving rainstorm, and is when he raises his golf club in victory, is struck by lightning.

The One Line I’ll Always Remember, Even Though I’ve Never Heard It: “It’s in the hole!”

I Haven’t Seen This Film, But I Have Seen: Tin Cup, a 1996 romantic comedy starring Kevin Costner as a journeyman professional golfer; think Rocky Balboa with a nine-iron and a better sense of humor.

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