Life’s Current

One of the destructive myths about changing careers is that it’s all about you. Your decision, your talents, your initiative, your success or failure. In reality, the change has an effect on your family and friends, and your decisions are also influenced by them.

You’re also not the only one chasing a dream.

Three years ago, Arpita moved from her small state in India to Bangalore, the IT capital of the nation and a megacity of over 10 million souls, to begin her career. Having moved from a small town in rural New England to attend college in Chicago, I know her spiritual journey was greater than the physical. Nothing about small-town life prepares you for the energy, confusion, and danger of city life. But with the support of her family, newfound friends, and a nurturing employer, Arpita has found the success she had been seeking.

Arpita also uses a river analogy to describe her journey, and there’s a lot you can do with that metaphor. Rivers provide life, but contain a power that can be deadly if not respected; they follow a current that never flows perfectly straight; they can flow dreamily for long stretches, then suddenly erupt into roiling rapids.

I’m not sure where this river I’m on is taking me, but I know it will flow with the current of life. The going won’t always be smooth, but it will always propel me forward.

4 thoughts on “Life’s Current

  1. I love this river analogy. I sincerely hope it will not only keep flowing with the current of life but will one day lead to a harbour where you will find peace and contentment even if you have not achieved fame and fortune. Maybe you will indeed achieve it ALL. That’s where Hope anchors.

  2. I entirely agree with your opening paragraph. Maybe when we are young our career decisions are a function of what we want to do, what we consider as success. But as time passes, it becomes more about the people around us – because as we grow, we realize that success in life means nothing if not shared with others. 🙂

    I’m very happy that you wrote this blogpost as a take on my blog. Lovely reading this! 🙂

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