The Spirit of Competing

The latest poem from Matt has nothing to do with fencing, but it does express how I feel about the sport. Victory provides a special kind of exhilaration, and I’m curious to know what earning a rating feels like, but I never want the desire to win jeopardize the thrill of pulling a gray meal cage over my face and approaching my opponent, weapons in our hands.


One thought on “The Spirit of Competing

  1. I don’t know from personal experience because I have not been a competitive person. I have always wanted to play for the sheer joy of playing a sport and remember the frustration of discovering that others got their thrill from trying to ‘take me out’,,this was just tennis. I get my adrenaline rushes from other things music, beauty, abundance of life and believe it or not from the Presence of God. Keep blogging I enjoy your entries. Cheers!

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