A Change of Plans

When I began drafting chapter 9 of Gray Metal Faces, I had planned to revise chapters 8 (drafted in April this year) and 9 for this year’s NaNoWriMo. But soon after completing that final chapter, I decided to take my writing in a different direction this November.

Last year’s NaNoWriMo (during which I revised chapters 6 and 7) was very rewarding, as it demonstrated I had the drive, dedication, and discipline to undertake an enormous project, and complete it successfully. However, the experience also left me completely drained, and I knew a similar effort this year would be equally as exhausting. And in the past month, I’ve started several other writing projects, all of which would need to be put on hold as I fought my way through the revision. Chapters 8 and 9 will be revised — I’ve spent too much time on this novel, and it’s too close to being ready for an agent or editor’s review, for me to abandon the project. But there’s a time for all things, and now is not the time for this effort.

So while it’s NoNaNoWriMo this year, there will be time for other activities, such as a return to daily blogging on this site. And I’ll begin today with a reblog from Andra Watkins, who shares some exciting plans for her own writing career.

2 thoughts on “A Change of Plans

  1. There is a time and season for ALL things. I hope that you will indeed come to that place where you KNOW that all the rewriting and changing etc your efforts will never be perfect. I came to that place…….I know I don’t want to die before I completed anything. If interested have at look at http://www.legacyoflimga.com
    I am not a novelist – I came to that reality….I am a story teller. Legacy has REAL history (well researched) but a fiction family. Not a grand story but it does ring truel. It could have been far longer and massively ‘better’……but I walked on the water and it is ‘out there’ …I will never be known. I will never sell a million copies but I do know this……people have contacted me to say the story gripped them and made their own life journey better. What do writers writer for……that is the question we all need to ask ourselves.
    I care about your journey Keogh and long to see for you a ‘wonderful outcome” Greetings! and Peace!

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