First of Many

Reached a milestone today — my first rejection. This is not failure, but progress. It’s now time to read the submission guidelines for the second journal, format my manuscript to get it in compliance, and submit that story again.

I’ve got 99 more rejections to accumulate in the coming year, so there’s no time to waste. On to the next rejection, and the next, until I finally get an acceptance, and then move on to my next series of rejections.

5 thoughts on “First of Many

  1. Be encouraged. As a young writer I read. ‘You need to have papered a wall with ‘rejections’ until you will really understand what it is to be a creative writer. Keep going! Enjoy your life on the way. My first short story published was simple, uncomplicated and not a ‘trendy’ story but it did begin to open doors. I had five short stories published in one year……….Then, I have never written another short story for publication. I changed the way my ‘voice’ related to others .Keep working! All the best and never be hesitant to change if one way is not the way you thought it should be. Cheers!

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