Big Plans

Got a lot of projects to finish in the coming weeks:

  • Final proofread of a story, then start sending it out and gathering rejections
  • Draft another chapter for the novel I’m sharing with my local writer’s group
  • Create pitch letters for two non-fiction articles
  • Start drafting the final chapter of Gray Metal Faces

Completing all that work while working my day job, and helping my wife’s home business, is going to be a challenge. But stepping up to challenges like these is the only way I’m going to get where I want to be.


One thought on “Big Plans

  1. I hope you do get in your life where you want to be. After some success in the short story market etc I bit the bullet and self-published my first novel. I am not sorry I was able to touch feel and experience the life I knew was in my work and now gradually, a step at a time I am becoming known. Making money has never been my goal. Thankfully getting the stories from my heart ‘out there’ may leave a legacy in my life of more than what I expected. My writing is not about me but is all about the people who come to life in my imagination. It is for them the stories must be told. Finding someone who understands your imaginary people is the most difficult aspect of any fiction writing. (particularly longer works). I will keep following and believing for you. Never try and mould yourself to anyone else. I am not an accepted novelist. I have never written (an accepted novel)…but…but…I am being known as a STORY TELLER. My stories… way. Cheers!

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