The Chosen, Chapter 3D


Wolf’s eyes snapped open the moment she regained consciousness. She instinctively struggled against the ropes that had bound her, only to find her arms flying freely from her body.

She was lying on the grounds of a forest. Sitting up quickly, she saw a man sitting on a log near to her left. The Islander, one of the men who had abducted her last evening.

“Good morning.” The Islander bit into an apple, as he tossed another towards Wolf.

Wolf looked down at her legs, saw they were as free as her arms. She then checked for her weapons, and was hardly surprised to find none.

The Islander swallowed. “If it makes you feel any better, I don’t have any weapons either.” He bit again into his apple.

“Not particularly.” Wolf stood and looked around, not recognizing anything familiar. She remembered being carried last night for what she guessed was less than an hour, before being bound and deposited on the ground. They must still be close to Philos. She looked back at the Islander — “You lose your friend?”

Smiling, the Islander shook his head, then swallowed. “Gil left immediately after retrieving Billy. He’s working on a plan to free Crim, and Archilochus.” He pointed to the apple at Wolf’s feet. “You really should eat.”

“I thought you didn’t trust me.” She extended her arms, as if to demonstrate she was no longer bound.

“We don’t. But we also believe you’re intelligent enough to realize that running is no longer in your best interest.” He pointed off to her right. “The Safety Committee in Philos is searching for you, and should you return to Yungen on your own, you’ll have to explain why you were the only survivor of a failed raiding party.”


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