The Chosen, Chapter 3A

[Today’s post is a continuation of a project begun last December and put on hiatus in January. You can read a summary of the first two chapters here, or if you want to read the whole thing from the start, knock yourself out.]

“We know you’re in there.” Billy remained silent, as the voice on the other side of the door continued. “One of the lads at Two Brothers saw you leave, and we convinced the owner of this inn to admit having seen you as well. We don’t want to hurt you, but if we have to break down this door, I can’t make any promises.”

Billy was scared, but had enough control over his fear to recognize the reality of his situation. “I — I’ll be right there.” He reached down to pick up a gray sack, the only possession which Gil and Ukhala had allowed him to bring. The teen had not liked the idea of moving to another inn for the evening, but Gil had insisted this was the only way they could leave him alone for the evening. If all went well, Crim and Archilochus would have returned from Judge Oliver’s manor by early evening, and Gil and Ukhala from their mysterious “mission” soon after. Judging by the lateness of the hour, and the sudden appearance of the Philos Safety Committee at the door, Billy assumed not much had gone well.

The latch on the door jiggled, but Billy prevented further action from the other side by releasing the lock, and opening the door widely. In the hallway was a short man with a fat body and a fatter face. Two taller men stood behind him, and the teen, in accordance with the Archilochus’ training, scanned the three men for their weaponry. A dagger and pistol each, but no armor. Obviously not expecting much of a struggle.

The taller men began to step forward, but halted on seeing the fat man remain stationary, glowering at Billy. “The guardsman, says you’re his nephew. But you don’t look anything like anyone I’ve ever seen come out of the empire.”

“My father emigrated — ”

FH-WEET! At the fat man’s sharp whistle, he stepped back, the two men coming forward and seizing Billy by the shoulders.


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