The Chosen, chapter 1 and 2

It’s been a while since the last installment of The Chosen, so for the sake of both readers and author (“Now what exactly did I write back then?”), a summary is in order.

Chapter 1 – Prisoner Three: the Safety Committe from the colonial town of Philos returns to the courthouse with a prisoner, apprehended during an attempted highway robbery of four pilgrims travelling to the shrine on Eighth Hill. The prisoner is identified as Wolf, a lieutenant in the army of Yungen, leader of a powerful criminal gang.

After being tossed into the third cell of the jailhouse, Wolf recalls the failed robbery. Her crew had seen four pilgrims travelling without an armed escort on the road from the Pentapolis, and Wolf had been confident of an easy operation. However, two of the travellers, a nobleman and an Islander, had resisted her gang’s attack, and the pilgrims had gained the upper hand just as the Safety Committee arrived. Her crew was then slain, but Wolf, already subdued by the nobleman, was taken in to custody.

Later that evening, Wolf hears an unexpected voice speaking to her through the narrow barred window of her cell. The priestly woman who had been in the band of pilgrims asks Wolf to lead her party to Yungen. Wolf agrees, provided the priestly woman and her friends free her from jail; the voice thanks her, and abruptly leaves.

Several minutes later, the priestly woman arrives in a room at the Two Brothers Inn. Her three companions — Archilochus (the nobleman), Ukhala (the Islander), and Billy (a teenaged boy) — address her as Crim, and she reports on her conversation with the prisoner. When her brother Archilochus objects to her approaching their assailant alone, Crim responds that Gil, who suddenly appears outside the window of their room, had been with her the entire evening. Archilochus then asks if she chooses to trust the prisoner, and Crim responds that they have all been chosen to trust her.

Chapter 2 – Futile Deals: Archilochus arrives at the Philos courthouse the next morning, and reveals himself to be a member of the Imperial Guard. He then demands that Wolf be released into his custody, so that she can be sent to the Empire to face justice.

A visitor arrives at Wolf’s cell, and introduces himself as Jerdain, a lord from the neighboring colony of New Frisaria. He offers to release her into his captivity, provided she leads him to Yungen, who has expanded his operations into New Frisaria. He then leaves her to consider his offer.

Billy, purchasing bread at an outdoor market, has his money sack stolen; Gil captures the thief and forces him to return the sack. Billy pleads to take part in a mission planned for the coming evening, but Gil demonstrates that the lad is not ready for such risk.

Crim and Archilochus are greeted that evening at the manor of Judge Oliver, a leading magistrate for Philos. They are then joined by Jerdain, who argues with Archilochus over who should have custody over Wolf. Judge Oliver declares that Philos has sole jurisdiction in this matter, and is then interrupted by an announcement of a distrubance at the jail.

Earlier that evening, Wolf works the bars of her window with a pick she had hidden in her mouth. She then jumps at the sudden voice she hears behind her; turning, she sees a short man, later identified as Gil, who helps her escape from the jail with remarkable ease. When they are outside, Wolf strikes Gil from behind and runs into the woods; Gil pursues and tackles her,

Guards from the courthouse arrive to arrest Gil and Wolf, but they are quickly subdued by Ukhala. Recognzing him as the Islander from yesterday’s attack, Wolf tells Ukhala she is ready to accept the offer made by his priestly companion. Not trusting her sudden offer, Ukhala and Gil then subdue Wolf, and escape with her into the forest.

2 thoughts on “The Chosen, chapter 1 and 2

  1. Is it ok if I sometimes print out a page or two of what you have written. I truly have a bit of trouble (my fault) absorbing and remembering as we go on who everyone is. For my own use not for anything else. I am intrigued by this story. Thank you.

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