Super Boor

Super Bowl LI will be played this evening; kickoff should occur some time after the singing of the third or fourth patriotic anthem, the broadcast of a couple dozen overproduced commercials, and the 30 men and 20 minutes required to flip the damn coin. The game represents America at its boorish best — even our most sports-adverse citizens cannot ignore the event, while the rest of the world tolerates our obsession like a kindly yet overbearing relative visiting for the holidays.

I wanted to begin today by reblogging a post about the game that makes no actual mention of American football. Agnes Wright is ready for the halftime show, and shares some recipes for what has become an American tradition.


One thought on “Super Boor

  1. You are so right in your comments. Us( ie ‘rest of world’) do tolerate. SPORT is like God in Australia and boorish behaviour seems to be becoming the norm anytime sport is advertised or played. I often wonder where all the folks who like classical music, art, beauty in any creative pursuits go when so many in the world go crazy over folks chasing or hitting balls, leaping over stuff, jumping off stuff. Endeavouring to kill themselves in the most bizarre sport and sometimes roaming the streets off their faces dressed in weird attire looking anything but human. It was written somewhere that,,,, most humankind in the world use only 2% of their brain……Some sport fanatics appear to be using only 0.05% (if that). Some animals however are using their brains to full capacity which is ……comparative to ours in total capacity still higher than our moronic fanatical people, (include politics in this if you like) .I know who I’d rather hang out with. Cheers!

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