On good days, writing can feel like an intellectual release, an escape past the boundaries the writer sees in our media-saturated culture. But on bad days, the writer can feel he’s trapped in a prison of his own making. Nicholas Gagnier evokes both feelings beautfully in his poem today.

One thought on “Prisons

  1. One thing about writing. You are not forced to write. Writing is a ‘free-will’ Gift. If you cannot CHOOSE absolutely to not WRITE for a period of time… a day, a week, a month but do ‘something else equally creative then you are in a prison of addiction. Writing should not be an addiction but true inspiration I believe is more like a gushing, flowing river, where you can ‘get out’ any time. The choice is rest or swim. Writing for me because I ‘chose’ not to do it for a ‘living’ is like a breath of LIFE in and through my ordinary living. Just a thought. It is my TRUTH. After I’m ‘gone’ maybe only then will lots of people even realize that lady wrote. Right now I’m enjoying the journey. Hope 2017 is great for you.

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