“The Chosen” Will Return

Nineteen days ago, I started a new fiction project on this blog, with only one objective in mind. I was going to have fun — there would be characters, but I wasn’t going to fret over characterization; there would be a plot, but where it would lead I neither knew nor cared; there would most likely be themes, but I wasn’t concerned about what they meant. All I wanted to do was write, and enjoy the experience.

Mission accomplished.

As I mentioned at the start, “The Chosen” is a story that’s been bouncing around in my imagination for over three decades, and finally getting it started has been enormously gratifying. I hadn’t expected to write that second chapter, but after completing the first there was no way I was going to stop. But as I reached the half-way point of chapter two, I knew that pressing on to a third chapter would be an effort. Mind you, I don’t mind the work; writing is the only job I’ve ever wanted to do. But I wasn’t going to make “The Chosen” another burden. So for now, I’m setting the project aside.

Not sure when I’ll get back to Crim, Archilochus, and their crew. Perhaps when I feel the need to have some fun again. One thing I know for certain, though, is that this tale isn’t over.


One thought on ““The Chosen” Will Return

  1. I’m GLAD like other things you have written and are writing I hope you will complete and let us know. I would like to follow a story you have posted and see it in its completed form. Keep Writing! In many lives it is the lifeline to a long and productive life.

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