The Chosen, Chapter 2E Revised

[Before publishing today’s installment, I’m editing the last half of yesterday’s, from the moment after Gil cautions Billy to look out for himself]

“I understand.” As they approached the entrance to the Two Brothers, Billy stopped. “Is everything ready for tonight?”

Gil, who had kept walking, stopped and looked back at Billy. “It’s best that you know as little as possible about tonight.” Shaking off Billy’s objection, Gil continued. “Nobody likes the idea of leaving you alone, but that’s the safest place for you this evening.”

“But I can – ”

“If anyone asks, you can say you don’t know where any of us are.” Gil pointed behind him, at the inn. “That, is what you can do this evening.”

“I need to stay outside. It’s where I can do my best watching.”

“But I’m ready.” The teen leaned forward, squeezing his hands into fists. “I don’t think I was chosen to be with all of you, just to sit around. I can do things none of you can do, you know that – why don’t you let me help?”

Gil studied Billy’s face a moment. “Tell you what. Answer one question, and you can help this evening.”

Billy stood up straight. “Go ahead. Ask me anything!”

Gil lifted his chin. “Where’s your money sack?”

“In my – ” Billy’s eyes grew wide, then flew down to his right hip, where he had tucked his money sack into his belt. It was gone. The teen then looked back at Gil, who held up Billy’s sack a moment before tossing it towards the teen.

The sack bounced off Billy’s hands, and fell at his feet. He blinked. “Guess I’ll – go wait in the room.”

Gil nodded, and continued walking past the entrance of the inn. Billy called to him – “You’re not coming inside?”

“I need to stay outside.” Gil did not stop walking. “It’s where I can do my best watching.”

Billy picked up his money sack. “So, if we need to tell you something, how do we let you know?”

“I’ll already know.” And a moment later, Gil vanished down a side street.


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