The Chosen, Chapter 1F

Wolf felt the nobleman pounce on her, his knees pressing down on the back of her shoulders, his hands taking her daggers. He then looked back, calling to his companions – “I’ve got this one down.”

Twisting her head, right cheek scraping the dirt, Wolf saw Viper battling with the Islander. Both men were wounded and tired; neither seemed to have an advantage. She was about to yell at her companion, order him to leave, when the priestly woman, who had been tending to the boy’s knife wound, stood and advanced towards the two men, then announced in a calm and patient voice, “This battle needs to end.”

A scent then came to Wolf, one she had only rarely come across, yet was still instantly recognizable. “Cinnamon?” At the same moment, Viper yelled, and dropped his sword. He then stared at his hand, confusion on his face.

With everyone’s attention focused away from her, Wolf attempted her escape. Flexing her right leg backward and up, she kicked the nobleman in the back of the head, startling him enough to allow her to flex both legs back and lock her feet around his throat. She then pulled him off her body, but before she could rise to her feet, she heard horses approaching, and looked up to see the banner of the Philos Safety Committee coming up the road.

She was immediately surrounded by officers. One of the officers dismounted, and addressed the nobleman – “Are any of you hurt?” The nobleman waved toward the boy, now being attended by the priestly woman again. The Islander was approaching as well, his face dusty and weary. In the distance, she also saw Viper and their bowman, attempting to flee, and soon to be cut down.

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